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John Carroll - Headshot



JOHN CARROLL, President/Executive Producer of Aspire Motion Pictures, has a highly regarded career as a successful business strategist, serving in a variety of senior leadership positions with several major corporations. After establishing a proven executive management track record, John went on to start his own company, which quickly grew to become a leader in the service industry, before being acquired by a Wall Street private equity firm. Always passionate about partnering with creative entrepreneurs, helping grow both their personal and professional brands, the move to independent cinema - and the pursuit of artistic excellence informed by business acumen - was a natural fit. His produced feature film, THE HONEYMOON PHASE, was released by Dark Sky Films in 2020. He has also invested in multiple musicals, including It Happened in Key West and Betrayal starring Tom Hiddleston. John’s motto sums up his view on life:


“If Walt can do it, so can we!”

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